Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my "Check Engine" light on?

Seeing that light in your dash is never a good feeling; however, one of the most common causes of an illuminated Check Engine light is simply a loose gas cap. Check to make sure your gas cap is screwed on tightly and then restart your car. If the Check Engine light still appears you may have a more serious problem and should bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. Here are the next most common reasons our Check Engine lights appear:

Bad Oxygen Sensor:
This detects oxygen levels in your exhaust and lets your vehicle know how much gasoline is being burned. Faulty sensors can cause a significant drop in gas mileage because the sensor send incorrect information to your vehicle's onboard computer. This sensor can be repaired or replaced at a fairly low cost.

Bad Mass Airflow Sensor
This sensor is under your hood and tell's your vehicle's onboard computer how much air is going to your engine and how much fuel to use. This is also a fairly low cost to fix, but left unattended to could cause more damage or vehicle failures.

Spark Plug Misfire
Spark plugs affect your engine's power and efficiency, and a bad one can even damage your vehicle's catalytic converter. It's important to repair bad spark plugs right away in order to avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Failing Catalytic Converter 
These can be very expensive to replace and are usually due to neglection of bad spark plugs. If your Check Engine light just recently appeared, this is most likely not your issue.

Why is my "Low Tire Pressure" light on?

Sometimes the low tire pressure sensor will appear when seasons change. Hot weather increases pressure in your tires and cooler weather can decrease it. A simple solution is to check your pressure with a tire gauge and make sure it coincides with the recommendations for your vehicle/tire. If needed, adjust your tire pressure then start and stop your vehicle a couple times. If the light still appears, you should bring your vehicle in for further analysis.